Bee-Bot® 1 Programmable Floor Robot 1pk – Paving the Way for Playful Learning

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Meet Bee-Bot® 1, the playful educational companion. With 200-step memory, customization, and precise movement, Bee-Bot® brings fun to learning. Explore cross-curricular possibilities and interactive apps. Rechargeable for lasting use, it’s a must-have for young learners.

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Introduce young learners to the world of control, directional language, and programming with the Bee-Bot® 1 Programmable Floor Robot 1pk. This friendly robot is more than just a playmate; it’s an educational companion that opens doors to creativity and engagement.

Programmable Floor Robot Bee-Bot

Interactive Learning: Bee-Bot® boasts an impressive memory capacity of 200 steps and can recognize and interact with other Bee-Bot® or Blue-Bot® units, fostering collaborative learning.

Customizable Sounds: Bee-Bot® is equipped with the ability to produce sounds, offering default sounds or allowing students to record their own. This customization ensures an inclusive learning experience, catering to diverse auditory and visual processing needs.

Cross-Curricular Exploration: Explore a world of possibilities with Bee-Bot® through a diverse range of cross-curricular mats and activity tins. Students can personalize their Bee-Bot® with fun accessories, promoting a sense of ownership and active participation.

Bee-Bot® on a colorful learning mat.

Precise Movement: Bee-Bot® moves with precision, taking 15cm steps and executing 90° turns. Charging is hassle-free with the included USB lead, offering options for recharging via a computer or a wall socket using a USB mains adapter (adapter not included).

Interactive App: The Bee-Bot® App leverages the robot’s keypad functionality to help children enhance their directional language and programming skills through an engaging and interactive app.

Recording custom audio for Bee-Bot® programming.

FAQ: Accuracy and Durability: Bee-Bot® is engineered for precision, typically surpassing expectations with an accuracy of 150mm ±8mm for forward and backward movements and a 90-degree ±4% precision for turns.

Rechargeable Convenience: You can recharge Bee-Bot® approximately 500 times, ensuring long-lasting and sustainable use for educational purposes. Dive into a world of fun and learning with Bee-Bot® – where education meets excitement.

Children using Bee-Bot® to learn directional language.

5 reviews for Bee-Bot® 1 Programmable Floor Robot 1pk – Paving the Way for Playful Learning

  1. Ruby (verified owner)

    Bee-Bot® 1 is a game-changer in our home! The 200-step memory engages my child in creative play while introducing programming concepts. The customizable sounds make learning accessible for all, and the cross-curricular mats add endless possibilities. The precise movement and rechargeable convenience make it a parenting win. Highly recommend for playful learning.

    1 product
  2. Sami (verified owner)

    Bee-Bot® 1 is a tech genius in education! It seamlessly blends fun and learning with its interactive features. The 200-step memory allows for in-depth exploration, and the customizable sounds promote inclusivity. The cross-curricular mats are a brilliant addition, enhancing the educational experience. The precise movement and rechargeable convenience make it a must-have for classrooms.

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  3. Suab (verified owner)

    Bee-Bot 1 is an educational delight for young learners! The interactive learning and customizable sounds add a playful touch. The cross-curricular exploration opens avenues for creative lessons. While the precise movement is commendable, the app is a fantastic tool for skill improvement. The rechargeable feature ensures lasting use. A valuable asset for classrooms focused on learning through play.

    1 product
  4. Zuia (verified owner)

    Bee-Bot 1 is our go-to educational companion! The 200-step memory offers endless possibilities for imaginative play. The customizable sounds cater to our child’s unique needs, and the cross-curricular mats make learning an adventure. Precise movement and rechargeable convenience make it parent-friendly. The interactive app is a bonus for skill enhancement. Educational, fun, and highly recommended!

    1 product
  5. Klae (verified owner)

    Bee-Bot 1 is a classroom innovator! It transforms learning with its interactive features and 200-step memory. Customizable sounds ensure every student is included, and cross-curricular exploration adds depth to lessons. The precise movement and rechargeable design make it practical for daily classroom use. The interactive app is a game-changer for skill development. A must-have for modern classrooms!

    1 product
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