Bee-Bot® 1 Programmable Floor Robot 1pk

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Bee-Bot® is an ideal educational tool for introducing control, directional language, and programming concepts to young learners. With a 200-step memory and the ability to interact with other Bee-Bot® units, it makes learning engaging. It allows sound customization, caters to various student needs, and offers a range of mats and accessories. Bee-Bot® is precise in its 15cm step movements and 90° turns. It’s rechargeable up to 500 times and has an interactive app for skill improvement.

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Bee-Bot® serves as an excellent introductory tool for teaching concepts like control, directional language, and programming to young learners.

With its impressive memory capacity of 200 steps, Bee-Bot® is not just a robot; it can even recognize and interact with other Bee-Bot® or Blue-Bot® units, making learning more engaging. It’s a friendly little robot that can greet its peers with a cheerful “hello.”

One of the standout features of Bee-Bot® is its ability to produce sounds. It can play default sounds, or students have the creative freedom to record their own. This customization allows for a more inclusive learning experience, accommodating students with various auditory or visual processing needs. Each button on Bee-Bot® can be associated with recorded audio, enhancing the learning experience further.

Bee-Bot® offers a diverse range of cross-curricular mats and activity tins, enriching programming possibilities. Additionally, students can personalize their Bee-Bot® with fun accessories, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.

In terms of movement, Bee-Bot® is precise, moving in 15cm steps and executing 90° turns. Charging is convenient, as Bee-Bot® comes with a USB lead, allowing for recharging via a computer or a wall socket using a USB mains adapter (adapter not included). Moreover, there’s even a Bee-Bot® App available now, leveraging the Bee-Bot® keypad functionality to help children enhance their directional language and programming skills through an interactive app.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How Accurate is Bee-Bot®? Bee-Bot® has been engineered for precision in its movements. Although manufacturing tolerances can affect performance slightly, on a smooth, clean surface, Bee-Bot® typically surpasses expectations. It can move forward or backward with an accuracy of 150mm ±8mm and execute left or right turns with a precision of 90 degrees ±4%.
  2. How Many Times Can You Recharge Bee-Bot®? You can recharge Bee-Bot® approximately 500 times, ensuring prolonged and sustainable use for educational purposes.

Please note: The Docking Station can be purchase separately.

4 reviews for Bee-Bot® 1 Programmable Floor Robot 1pk

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    Bee-Bot is fantastic for teaching coding basics. The 200-step memory allows for creative programming, and the interactive capabilities make it exciting. The sound customization feature adds a personal touch. The USB rechargeable feature is convenient, but the docking station being sold separately is a drawback. Overall, a great educational tool.

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  2. Samir (verified owner)

    Bee-Bot is an educational masterpiece! It introduces programming and directional language in a fun and interactive way. The 200-step memory is impressive, and the ability to interact with other units adds a social dimension. The sound customization feature is excellent for catering to diverse student needs. A must-have for young learners.

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  3. Mom (verified owner)

    Bee-Bot is a game-changer for inclusive learning! The customizable sounds make it accessible for all students, and the interactive features promote engagement. The 200-step memory ensures a thorough exploration of programming concepts. The diverse range of mats and accessories adds versatility to lessons. An excellent tool for educators focusing on inclusive education.

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  4. Suki (verified owner)

    Bee-Bot is a hero in my classroom! It’s the perfect introduction to programming for young learners. The precision in movements and 200-step memory make it a reliable tool. The interactive features foster collaboration, and the sound customization is a hit. The USB rechargeable aspect is practical, and the Bee-Bot app is an excellent companion for skill improvement. Highly recommended.

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