Blue-Bot Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot 12pk

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The Blue-Bot® Bluetooth floor robot is a versatile educational tool for teaching control and programming. With wireless connectivity to tablets and PCs, it offers interactive learning. It can greet other Blue-Bot® units and play customized sounds, making it engaging for students of all abilities. The transparent shell sparks curiosity, and it’s rechargeable for cost-effective use. The 6-pack comes with a docking station. The Blue-Bot® app extends programming possibilities, and it’s GDPR compliant. Suitable for global use, it’s a modern teaching aid.

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The Blue-Bot® Bluetooth programmable floor robot is an excellent starting point for teaching the fundamentals of control and programming.

What sets the Blue-Bot® apart is its Bluetooth functionality, allowing wireless control from tablets or PCs, making it a versatile tool for modern classrooms.

One exciting feature is Blue-Bot’s ability to interact with other Bee-Bot® or Blue-Bot® units, adding a social aspect to programming. It can greet its companions with default sounds or even personalized recordings, promoting engagement and creativity. Plus, students can record audio cues for each button press, ensuring accessibility for all, including those with auditory or visual needs.

Blue-Bot® boasts a transparent shell, allowing curious young minds to see the inner workings of the robot, sparking interest in technology. The robot is also rechargeable, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. The 6-pack even includes a FREE docking station for added convenience.

While you can use Blue-Bot® like a regular Bee-Bot®, its Bluetooth capabilities take programming to the next level. Download the free iOS/Android app for tablet connectivity or the Windows and Mac software for desktop programming. Rest assured, the app does not collect personal information from users.

To add an extra layer of fun to programming, explore the Blue-Bot® Tactile for a unique programming experience.


  1. Why won’t my Blue-Bot® connect to my tablet? For iOS users, there’s no need to pair the device manually; simply let the app connect for you. Please note that iPad 1 & 2 use a non-standard Bluetooth setup and are not compatible with Blue-Bot®.
  2. Which versions of iPad can I use? Blue-Bot® is compatible with iPad 3 and later. However, please note that the Blue-Bot® app does not currently work on iOS 9. We recommend updating your tablet if possible.
  3. How accurate is Bee-Bot®? Bee-Bot® is designed for precision, with forward/backward movement accurate to 150mm ±8mm and left/right turns at 90 degrees ±4%.
  4. Is the Blue-Bot® app GDPR compliant? Yes, the app does not collect personal data. Android may require location permissions for Bluetooth access, but no location data is gathered.
  5. Is the Blue-Bot® app UK only? No, the app should be available for users in all countries, making it accessible worldwide.

Please note: The Docking Station can be purchase separately.

7 reviews for Blue-Bot Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot 12pk

  1. InnovatorKid23 (verified owner)

    The Blue-Bot is an excellent tool for introducing programming concepts. The Bluetooth feature adds a new dimension, making it more engaging. The ability to connect with other units is a fantastic touch. However, I wish the app worked on iOS 9, and the docking station should be included instead of a separate purchase.

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  2. Edu (verified owner)

    As a teacher, the Blue-Bot Bluetooth robot has transformed my coding lessons. The transparent shell captivates students, and the Bluetooth connectivity opens up endless programming possibilities. The app is user-friendly, and GDPR compliance is reassuring. The 6-pack with the docking station is a smart investment for any classroom.

    1 product
  3. Parent (verified owner)

    We purchased the Blue-Bot for our child, and it’s been a hit! The transparent design is captivating, and the personalized greetings are a fun touch. The rechargeable feature is cost-effective, and the Bluetooth connectivity adds an educational yet entertaining element. Highly recommended for young tech enthusiasts.

    1 product
  4. Hero (verified owner)

    I introduced the Blue-Bot in my digital classroom, and it’s been a hit! The Bluetooth programming adds excitement, and the ability to interact with other units promotes collaboration. The transparent shell is a fantastic teaching aid, and the docking station keeps everything neat. A top-notch tool for modern education.

    1 product
  5. EdTechEnthusiast (verified owner)

    The Blue-Bot is an effective educational tool. The Bluetooth capability enhances the learning experience, and the transparent shell sparks curiosity. The FAQs provided clarity on iPad compatibility. My only suggestion is bundling the docking station with the 6-pack for added value.

    1 product
  6. Master (verified owner)

    The Blue-Bot Bluetooth robot is a gem for coding classes. The wireless connectivity simplifies the setup, and the interactive features engage students effectively. The transparent design fosters understanding, and the rechargeable aspect is a time and money saver. The docking station is a bonus for organized storage.

    1 product
  7. TechEduPro21 (verified owner)

    The Blue-Bot Bluetooth floor robot is a game-changer in the classroom! The wireless connectivity makes programming interactive and fun. My students love the personalized greetings and sounds, and the transparent shell is a hit. Rechargeable and with the added convenience of the docking station, it’s a must-have for modern teaching.

    1 product
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