Blue-Bot Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot 4pk – Explore Coding Wirelessly


Elevate coding education with the Blue-Bot Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot. This 4-pack introduces wireless programming through Bluetooth connectivity, bringing an interactive and cord-free coding experience to modern classrooms. Blue-Bot fosters a social aspect to programming, allowing interaction between units and enabling personalized greetings.

Enhance inclusivity with audio cue recording, accommodating various learning needs. The transparent shell sparks curiosity, offering a glimpse into the robot’s inner workings. Rechargeable and eco-friendly, Blue-Bot ensures continuous learning without interruptions, and the 6-pack comes with a FREE docking station for organized storage.

Take coding to the next level with the Blue-Bot app, available on iOS/Android for tablet connectivity and Windows/Mac for desktop programming. The Blue-Bot Tactile adds a hands-on dimension to coding sessions. Explore the future of education with Blue-Bot, where wireless innovation meets interactive learning.

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Introduce students to the exciting world of coding with the Blue-Bot® Bluetooth programmable floor robot. This innovative tool revolutionizes learning by providing wireless programming capabilities, making it an essential addition to modern classrooms.

Wireless Coding at Your Fingertips

Bluetooth Connectivity Explore the future of education with Blue-Bot’s Bluetooth capability, allowing wireless control from tablets or PCs. Say goodbye to cords and embrace a new era of interactive programming.

Social Programming Experience Blue-Bot® goes beyond solo programming; it can interact with other Bee-Bot® or Blue-Bot® units. Exchange greetings through default sounds or personalized recordings, fostering engagement and sparking creativity among students.

Inclusivity and Creativity Unleashed

Audio Cue Recording Enhance inclusivity with Blue-Bot’s audio cue recording feature. Students can record audio cues for each button press, ensuring an inclusive learning experience for all, including those with auditory or visual needs.

Transparent Shell Design Stimulate curiosity with Blue-Bot’s transparent shell, allowing young minds to witness the inner workings of the robot. This feature provides a captivating insight into technology and encourages exploration.

Hassle-Free and Environmentally Friendly

Rechargeable Convenience Blue-Bot® eliminates the hassle of frequent battery replacements by being rechargeable. This eco-friendly approach ensures continuous learning without interruptions.

No Docking Station

The 6-pack offers exceptional value, though a docking station is not included. Keep your Blue-Bot® units organized and charged independently, ready for every coding adventure.

Next-Level Programming Experience

App Compatibility Take programming to the next level with the Blue-Bot® app. Download the free iOS/Android app for tablet connectivity or use the Windows and Mac software for desktop programming. Rest assured, privacy is prioritized, with no personal information collection.

Tactile Programming Experience Explore the Blue-Bot® Tactile for a unique hands-on programming experience, adding an extra layer of fun to coding sessions.

FAQ Section:

Why won’t my Blue-Bot® connect to my tablet? For iOS users, no manual pairing is needed; let the app connect for you. Note that iPad 1 & 2 use a non-standard Bluetooth setup and are not compatible with Blue-Bot®.

Which versions of iPad can I use? Blue-Bot® is compatible with iPad 3 and later. Update your tablet for optimal performance, as the Blue-Bot® app does not currently work on iOS 9.

How accurate is Bee-Bot®? Designed for precision, Bee-Bot® ensures accuracy with forward/backward movement at 150mm ±8mm and left/right turns at 90 degrees ±4%.

Is the Blue-Bot® app GDPR compliant? Yes, the app is GDPR compliant, respecting user privacy. Android may require location permissions for Bluetooth access, but no location data is gathered.

Is the Blue-Bot® app UK only? No, the app is accessible worldwide, offering a global learning experience. Immerse yourself in the future of education with Blue-Bot® – where innovation meets education.


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